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Modern IT


In today’s digital world, businesses need to have a modern IT infrastructure – one that performs a range of functions.


Provides 24/7 security, keeping sensitive data secure

Hybrid Expertise

Remote and in-house capability


Delivers insight into any potential and active breaches


Meeting all operational software demands by automating processes


  • Is scalable and can be tailored to individual requirements

Many Businesss Are Exposed!

However, the reality is that many businesses are leaving themselves exposed to cyber-attacks and having to work day-to-day with an inefficient infrastructure.

The result of this is that they are unable to provide the best service to their clients. This can damage reputation and hinder commercial growth.

But there is a solution.

Get the Right IT Infrastructure.

Get the right IT infrastructure and your business will prosper. This is true whether you’re an SME with a regional customer base or a large, multinational blue-chip business.

The challenge for SME’s and, in many cases, blue chip businesses, is to identify, integrate, operate, and, where necessary, evolve their IT infrastructure so that they have the foundation they need to optimise operations – and increase commercial revenue and profits.

This is where Digiserve can help.

Our Simple, Straight Foward Solution


The most efficient IT solutions are those that are all-inclusive, providing businesses with everything they need to operate seamlessly across all devices, both in-house and remote.

From tailored or scalable access to Microsoft Business Premium to endpoint security for all devices, protection against email hijacking and much more, a simple, straightforward solution is required.

This is exactly what Digiserve offer.

The Benefits of Using a Managed Service Provider

An MSP or Managed Service Provider will monitor the health of your business’ IT setup. This improves operational efficiency both in-house and remotely. There are several reasons why your business should be using an MSP. These are as follows:


Perfect for all working models

MSPs are also the perfect solution for businesses working in-house, remotely or who have a hybrid working model, allowing businesses to deliver excellent levels of service to their customers.

IT centralisation

MSPs enable businesses to centralise all your applications and servers with managed data centres which improves staff, regardless of location, provide access to virtual services whilst having the foremost storage and backup facilities.

One-stop-shop for all your IT services

You won’t need to keep track of multiple service providers and payments each month. This creates a cost-saving, scalable IT infrastructure.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

your data will be 100% safe, permanently. This means that in the event of a disaster, networks and data centres will not be compromised, therefore maintaining business continuity.

Future proofing your business

you will never need to worry about your IT setup will become inefficient or obsolete. MSPs only employ market-leading IT solutions – that are upgraded when new products are released.

Green savings

centralise critical business systems at data centres and use applications virtual platforms and your business can benefit from a huge power saving – lowering your carbon footprint whilst reducing operational costs

Our Packages

Our baseline package is Microsoft Business Premium. This gives your business access to the requisite operational software it needs to meet all commercial requirements. This package includes access to all Microsoft Office products for your business.

We also offer a more comprehensive package that includes the following:

  • 365 monitoring
  • Password Manager
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Remote monitoring and management, including patching
  • Unlimited remote support

If you’d like to discuss bespoke or tailored MSP requirements, get in touch with us today by calling 01223 903600 or fill out the contact form here. (Insert link to contact form on ‘here.’

We recommend that you choose a package based on projected or ideal commercial growth. This means that you IT infrastructure can be evolved as your business evolves.

Security Essentials

  • MS 365 monitoring & security report
  • Email Screening
  • Backup
  • Windows Patch management
  • End Point Security
  • Optional remote support

Security Professional

  • As above with:
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • MS 365 Management
  • Password Manger
  • Infrastructure support.
  • Office 365 licencing – based on requirements
  • Optional onsite support

Security Plus

  • As  professional with.
  • SIEM (security information and event management)
  • Network monitoring and reports

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